#79: One Strategy + 5 weeks = £65K in potential new business revenue: An interview with Alex Rawlings

In this week’s episode of the ‘Renegade Recruiter Unleashed’ Podcast, I interview Alex Rawlings Managing Director of a UK based search Firm. I’ve known Alex for around six months now, and although he runs a fairly new business, his impressed me with some of the results he’s been able to get using NEW marketing techniques and steering away from the OLD methods most Recruitment and Search Firm Owners are using. 
In this interview, he shares with us whats been working well in his business and how you can use it too. There is something in here every Recruitment or Search Firm Owners can learn from….
Here’s just some of what you’ll get
  • One strategy Alex used to add £65K in business revenue within just a few weeks of using it (97% of my most successful students use this strategy too and it never fails)
  • Why “lack of change” is ruining the industry and destroying the businesses of Recruitment and Search Firm owners who fail to adapt
  • Why Alex thinks you should be walking away for bad clients and the difference it made to his business
  • Alex thinks “everything that’s free is shit” (apart from this podcast) and he talks about how this has an impact your Recruitment or Search Business
  • Retainers vs contingency – Alex gives his view
  • The phycology of selling retained recruitment and why most Recruiters don’t do it properly
  • How to get the best results for the clients you’re working with so they buy from you again and again (this is obvious, but most Recruitment and Search Firm owners ignore it)
  • The one LinkedIn strategy that Alex used to win a retainer in 3 weeks
  • Taking the clients off the pedestal and how doing so will increase the profits of your Recruitment or Search Firm
  • Find out how The Recruiters Arms is changing the face of the industry for the better
  • The truth about Recruitment Award ceremonies and why the Recruiters Arms is different
  • And more