#82: Why Cold Calling Is STUPID… and What To Do Instead

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If you use cold-calling to grow your Recruitment or Search business at the moment, you’re likely to have some sort of emotional reaction to that subject line?

But before you get your knickers in a twist, hear me out?

When I first entered the industry showing Recruitment and Search Firm owners how to grow their business, I went semi-viral with a blog post entitled “cold-calling is dead”?

Some people agreed with me and understood the point I was trying to make?.

But most slaughtered me for it!

Even some big name ‘Recruitment Coaches‘ who you might know of today?

And I get it?

For a lot of Recruiters, it’s all we know?.

When I was working as a recruiter, my first boss told me it was the ONLY way to get business? And I believed her for most of my career?

So I can understand other Recruitment and Search Firm Owners believing it too?

But this episode we look at some of reasons it’s just plain stupid and what you should do instead